So I meet this random girl at bar last night and she liked me , was going to pass but found out she's a gymnist?

was at a bar last night and meet a group of girls was this 19-20 something girl I meet and she seemed to like me which oddly surprised me , I talked to her for a bit , but due to distance as this bar is in another city an hour away from where I live was going to just take a pass on her , not that I didn't like her just wasn't that worried about her.

but then today I stumbled onto her Facebook profile and found out she's like a competitive gymnist into gymnastics and I find that so incredibly sexy , now I've changed my mind and want to try and date her. but I didn't ask for her # at bar even though I felt I might of been able to get it , would it be to just like add her online? and is it ok to want to date her just cause she is a gymnist? would she be ok with that or just think a lot of guys want to fool around with her cause of that


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  • Go for it ! A gymnist sweats daily and the stress levels of those leg muscles could definitely use some relieving from time to time, I say you'll both benefit that is to say she says yes. and no, its not wrong, not everyone gets turned on by the same thing in a woman, that's why we have variety !


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  • If being a gymnast is the only reason you want to date her, don't.

    • that's not the only reason , I liked her last night and didn't know anything about the gymnist thing , its just she lives an hour away and might be going away for school somewhere else? is also a bit of an age diff too

    • Ah makes more sense. Hm. In that case, go ahead if you want to, but be careful, especially since she's younger.

    • I think she might be 19 or 20, not sure exactly old enough to go to bar , she's also definty single

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  • Go for it. Life is too short for those worries