He wants to be occasional cuddle buddies?

So he said he's always wondered what it likes to kiss me. We have known eachother since 7th grade and now we're in 11 going to 12. And we've "liked" eachother off on on a few times thought the years. And he said he wants us to be occasional cuddle buddies. Don't say he wants sex because our religion says wait till marriage so I just want to know does he proabably just want to use me?


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  • Id have loved it if people were more intersted in just "cuddling" fuck buddies is all most people want and I don't sleep around but physical contact is nice.

    I don't need it now as ihave a bf and likely I didn't know I wanted physical contact in the other. however in retrospect I think cuddle buddies is an awesome idea. You met to try someone out, without having to deal with anything as intimate and potentially risky as sex.

    I think if there was more free physical contact people would all around be less desperate for relationships and sex.

    You guys can cuddle and still decide to date or not. It's not preventing anything else from Happening but it gives you some physical contact in the mean time.

    The only reason I'd say do no do it is if cuddling doesn't interst you. Then don't. Of course he's using you and you'd be using him. Same as iN relationships. You only feel used if you're doing things you don't want or not getting things you want.

    So mhe question is not are you being used, but what is it you want or don't want.

    Do you want to cuddle but only in a relationship?

    Do you want to date befOre you Decide to touch him at all?

    I'm guessing you're into him on some level , Bc you're asking I about what he said. If you were not intersted. You'd not care about it.

    So forget about what you think he's doing. What do you YOU want to do? And what do you want?


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  • "Does he want to use me?", why does this come up so often, yes. Yes he does. And you want to use him. And so you will agree. And you will use one another. That's how it works.

  • Cuddle buddies means sex in my book - FWBs who stay behind afterwards.


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  • Cuddling leads to kissing, kissing leads to spooning and spooning leads to forking.. #justsaying

  • Well hot damn, I wish I could have that kind of arrangement. He wants to use you and I'm sure you probably want to do the same. I say go for it. What have you got to lose?

  • Well tell him you'd rather go on a date and see how he responds