Guy gives his number via his friend?

So, I feel a little stupid asking this question, but I'm a little confused. I was at a pub with some friends when this random guy approaches our table and says "My mate over there thinks you're alright" and points to some guy at the bar who seemed to not want to turn around properly, before asking if I'm single and saying that for some reason his friend didn't want to come over but wants me to call him, and also added that he's a "homeowner". He then slipped me this piece of paper with his friend's name and number.

So what was his intention? He said I was "alright", so is he saying that I'm decent, but not the best looking and is just looking for someone to bang? Or was he hoping for me to contact him so he can get to know me?


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  • I think a little of both


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  • I would say that's weak game lol I wouldn't contact him.