Is it possible to have relationship with someone u never met?

Ok here's the details
I was chatting with a gal from Philippines and im from china now studying in india
we both met in a clash of clan game
We chat daily for hours and laugh smile flirt share photos voice mail and havelot of fun
so here's the question is it possible for us to start a relationship and maintain it
and just for information
we have never met eachother in person and I dont think we can meet anywhere in nearby future
may be we will arrange a meet up after we have own jobs in hand.!

And comments would be helpful


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  • You can try it. Why not?

    • I dont know
      it just kinda wired being in a relationship where u can't see eachother in person..

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    • Yes, again, why not? But it will depend 100% on you and how commited BOTH of you are with that relationship.

    • Oh thankyou appretiate it


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  • I think it is so cool that you have created a relationship via internet. For me, a relationship involves skin to skin contact, if you know what I mean. And if you want the internet relationship to evolve into something more and better, start making plans and pack your bags! Iiand isn't that far away from the Phillippines!

    • We r currenly studying so I dont think I can afford money or ask my parents to go overseas

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    • I dont think thats possible
      Our parents will never allow it

    • Then only time will tell and if it is meant to happen, it will. I wish you both happiness.

  • Have you ever watched Catfish? If not I suggest you do.

    • I have not watched it
      thanks for suggestion

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    • Well on the show most of the people had legit looking profiles, but they were not the person. I suggest you go to MTv and watch a few episodes before you possibly set yourself up for some major hurt.

    • Ok I will keep in minf thankq

  • Come back in two years and let us know of you two are still together.


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  • Is possible.. but be realistic

  • Happens all the time now.

    • Yea maybe but is it possivle to mentain the relationship for years untill we r abble and afford expenses to meet

    • Happens all the time.

    • Lol ok thanks

  • Not really. You can know them, but you don't "know" them.