Why didn't she just say no in the first place?

I was thinking about asking this girl out but decided not to since I couldn't see any signs of attraction. However another one of our coworkers said that he talked to her (without me knowing) and she told him she'd totally go one with me. See she could've said no right there. After hearing this I asked her out and she said yes without hesitation and made sure we had each other's numbers. She even self admittedly separated herself from her group to come to me.

I asked her once and she was working that weekend but could probably the next. I tried to set something up and she hasn't answered back. Someone told me it's probably because it's the holdiDays and she is with her family that she hasn't seen in a while.

If she didn't want to go why didn't she just say no in the first place? Good honest advice please


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  • Sadly some people love to play games, guy and girls included. A lot of times I feel like someone accepts an offer because it makes them feel good that someone wants to go on a date w/them. I have had that happen, I've asked guys out only to have then bail on me. I find it extremely disrespectful, if they're not interested fine I won't bother them. If they show interest I will prob ask them out if they don't beat me to it. I would keep my options open, plan fun things w/your friends and don't hold your breath on her agreeing to a date. Wait it out and don't ask her anymore, if she's interested she will make an effort to plan a date.


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  • Your friends are right, she's probably just really busy! I bet you she's really excited to see you and be around you, she just hasn't had the time. It doesn't mean she doesn't like you. So don't go around assuming things like that


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  • You obviously really like this chick. She may be getting the vibe that you're overly interested, stop bugging her with texts, if she doesn't give back to you after the holidays then maybe she wasn't interested in you. Talk to her casually when you run into her in person next and see what's up. The worst thing you can do is keep bugging her, girls hate clingy guys. There are plenty of fish in the sea, don't sink your ship over one that doesn't seem to be even taking the bait. That said, things have a strange way of working themselves out. Keep your head up.

    • I only text her once thank goodness. I'm not going to chase. I'm just confused as to why someone would make such an effort to help me out the. Do this