He didn't ask me if I was ok the next day? Is he kind of a jerk then?

I met him online and we were dating for about three months. At that point, I broke up with him cause i didn't think he was putting in much effort. To my surprise, he came back with that he didn't think I was putting in effort. We talked it out, met for dinner, and we got back together.

However, one of the 1st things he said before sitting down for dinner was that he wasn't looking for a serious relationship. (In my break-up text I said I wasn't looking for a texting buddy but a serious relationship). I clarified I wasn't looking for a serious relationship tomorrow, but a relationship that could possibly progress into one. He didn't really respond, but since we got back together, I assumed he felt the same.

A few days later, we were talking on Skype, and the issue of how we each define serious relationship was somehow brought up again. It was getting late, and I got a bit teary-eyed but held it together. To stop myself from crying, I had to type, "Why are we together then?". He evaded the question by saying it's getting late and we're both tired. We should go to bed. That was fine b/c I was tired too. But then the next day, he never even asked if I was okay. Or made any mention of our talk again or even bothered to answer the question. He just carried on again like everything was normal. That isn't normal behaviour for a caring boyfriend, is it?


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  • That is normal for a man who wants to avoid shit.


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  • Sweety he doesn't want a relationship with you. I hate to say it that way but you need to hear the truth in order to get some clarity in this. The fact that he's avoiding the subject of commitment screams his fear of the subject alone let alone actually committing to someone. Please leave him be. Cry, let it all out and prepare your self to move on. He's not worth anymore of your time.