Body flaws from having children and dating?

I'm in my 40's. Going through a separation. Thought to be younger then I am and often complimented for my looks. I feel I look great "dressed". My tummy has this puffier bit of a flap of skin just above my c section scar. Had kids. I think it is ugly. No toning works! I weigh 133, 5'6" size 12 so not fat. For men dating women older with children do you expect and over look these flaws knowing they come with life if the rest is good or can all be great, you see that and it ruins the attraction? How do you cope with flaws like this (stretch marks or less then firm slightly deflated 38 c boobs from age) on a size 12 woman who is otherwise attractive? I'm so worried about dating and guys not accepting of body flaws that come with dating a woman who has had children.


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  • I'm 23 and never have kids before. And guess what, I have stretch marks and even a scar from a cyct removal, another huge scar on my wrist, some smaller ones thanks to my naughty childhood etc. Nobody is perfect, just try not to date with shallow people. If someone really likes you, he likes your scars too, just because they belongs to you.


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  • You have kids. They aren't mine. And you sound like a feminist. The rest is irrelevant. I'm out.


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  • IM me. Let's chat. :). I am also separated and in my 40's, and dating is so much wierder than it used to be.