How do I know he likes me? We've been on several dates and he calls me babe calls me in te mornig and throughout the day , and before bed?

He calls me babe and this morning called and said good morning beautiful. I think he likes me but isn't sure please help


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  • You just staeted dTing, you're off to a good start

    • Thanks , I don't know what to think he did tell me at first he was damaged and wasn't ready a relationship , but I think that has changed since he texted me that. He never texts anymore he calls , and one night I did make a comment about now a days everyone only texts and not many people actually talk on the phone. He calls in the morning and through out the day and calls me before bed.

    • When he told me about him being damaged part that te last girl he was dating would get occasionally clingy and suicidal. And I text him says don't worrg I'm not weird like that and I want to take things slow and take time to get to know the next guy.


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  • He seems to like you as much as possible so early on. Asking this early on, in my humble opinion, will drive him away. Enjoy this part of things... it is fun.

    • Ya I don't want to do that and also I made sure Im not the first to call and text him always. Figured I've chased to many failed men that way and wasted time so now the guy can chase me

  • ask him. literally guys are so oblivious or nervous at points that they won't make the next move unless you verbally tell him or text him saying you're on the same page as him. just one day be like: "can I ask you a question?" (this builds anticipation) & then he'll obviously say yes and then go for it. Worst that can happen is he says no and then you know not to waste your time on him.