I like him, and I strongly dislike his family?

I have known the guy I am involved with for pretty much half my life. But I am scared to ever be serious because I can't stand his family. He's the only one with his act together and always has to pick up their pieces. His mother is horribly abusive and let her men get away with whatever they wanted with him when he and his siblings were growing up. His one brother is super manipulative and steals from everyone. His other brother and sister are ok, and I really have no feelings one way or the other.
I know he will continue to take care of them until they all die, because that is how he is. But I wouldn't want to deal with the leacherousness of it all if we end up together. So what do I do?


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  • Im with @Maxemeister on this one. and if you have been with him this long, I think you can manage a few more. just um.. voice your concerns.

    • We haven't been together the whole time. As for voicing my concerns I feel it may not do much.

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    • He might not know how strongly I feel, but he is somewhat aware of how I feel.

    • well then confirm it by Saying Something.


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  • I would still stay with him and not punish him because of his own family, but maybe you yourself would try to stay away from them. And also explain your discomfort to your partner.


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  • Sorry but he is always going to be there for his family so if you can't deal with it now then I would move on while you can

  • Don't even go there! Knowing that you can't stand the in laws and he can't let them live their own lives will cause so much conflict it's not funny.