How can I tell if a guy is lying?

Please help! Just need some help!!


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  • Well, I can either give you the quick and fast way, or teach you how to become a human lie detector. Men have more trouble masking their lies than women do. Do you want to learn quick and easy, or become a master?


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  • There's an expression: "The quieter you become, the more you can hear."

    As "Tdieseler" said, don't reveal what you know, because that person, if they are a liar, will mold that lie to fit with what you know. Instead, listen. Let the person explain to you what they are talking about. Don't interrupt. If you listen, and you have your own facts, if they are lying they will trip themselves or you can trip them.

    Because of your age, I will give you this warning: Things your friends say they know or have heard about aren't facts. Facts are things you know yourself to be true or that this person has told you directly.

  • Sadly, there is no sure way to know if a person is lying. also, we don't know what transpired so we can't even begin to guess. Thats why its good to gather background facts before bringing it up to a person's attention. so you can tell if they are lying or not.

    • First of all, you're wrong; there is a scientific way to tell if a person is lying.

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    • Ik which cliffhanger specifically r u talking about?

    • @Maxemeister the end. where she just flies off...

  • He tells you he loves you (Ba dum tsssss) In all seriousness though you can't other than like listen to the sound of their voice if they won't look you in the eye stuff along those lines.


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