What did he mean breaking up is a possibility?

I want to take pictures with my boyfriend & he said "if you keep asking me, we're going to have problems. understand?"
& I was like "what? you're gonna break up with me if I continue to ask?"
& he was like "that's always a possibility. but I won't have anything to say over taking a picture. you know where I stand."

I have no clue what he meant. I mean part of me understands but I don't want to jump to conclusions.


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  • You're a side chick, he doesn't want proof to leak out. Time to break up with him and be sure to say you had problems with his damn face!


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  • Is he hiding from the law? That's the only reason, other than he doesn't take your relationship seriously, that would explain his reaction.

    If I were you, I'd turn him in for the reward.

  • I like how there's absolutely no room for error and you're avoiding "conclusions".


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  • He was either giving you a stern and strict Order of Being dead against you Wanting to 'Take pictures with my boyfriend' because he wasn't in the mood for this or he was playing on This Big chance with your romance of giving you a Helpful subtle hint that he may be finding Other 'Possibilities' in you both 'Possibly'---------Gonna break up.
    If you both have been having problems that are leading down a beaten path, this could be a reason for his strong stand And Demand of No Pictures together. He may be feeling that you and he are not this two birds of a feather and he is ruffling his feathers now in doing Something so simple as Being 'Shot' together in a Candid camera shot.
    It's just my own shots in the dark, for I don't know more but I do know you may know More than you are telling and if so... have a serious convo with him and see the big picture of what may be going through his head.
    Good luck. xx