Is he playing hard to get or not interested?

This guy whom I met twice really clicked with me and it seemed like we like each other a lot. Yesterday he initiated a text and asked me what's up and before I went to sleep I told him "if you are free tomorrow I'll get out of work early". No reply until today so like an hour ago I sent him a confused emoji. I just wanted to know if he wants to hangout before I make other plans. Then he texts saying " Hey whats up? I am pretty sure I am free tonight but I am helping my crippled roommate move stuff out of his school space".

What does that mean? Is he free or not? This makes me very frustrated so I ignored that message and I think I'll make other plans. What's his deal?


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  • If he is playing hard to get, you should not be interested- games are bullshit. If he's not interested, it's his loss. It sounds like he's just being awkward to be honest, I personally can't be arsed with people like that. lol


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  • He is telling you he has already has other commitments but would like to see you so he will contact you im guessing when he has finished

  • he was just chattin hey whats up and right away u told him u'll get out early tom? should've given it more time

    • Not right away. After texting back and forth I ended the convo with that.