How to know if a guy really likes you?

I started taking to a old highschool friend, he seems like a good guy.. a relationship kind of guy... how do I know he's really interested in me for me and not sex? I got my heart broke a year ago and have trust issues. With not being committed... I no longer wants friends with benefits I want a committed relationship.. how do I know he's serious & wants the same.. even tho he tells me?


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  • be friends for 3 dates and that will tell if he has respect for you. if you sleep with him on the first date he will have no respect for you.

    All girl mates of mine I tell the 3 date rule to.

    • I agree, well this will be my third date & he doesn't even mention the word sex like the other guys in my past. Thank you!

What Girls Said 1

  • Actions speak louder than words. If he means what he says, he'll show you.