I'm a 20 year old male who's had a little trouble dating?

I've been 4 years single and I'm just not sure how to date anymore. I always hear "be yourself" or "the right one will come along" and "Don't look, just let it happen"
None of that works. I just want a successful relationship. Not really sure how to go about it is my problem.


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  • I understand your situation completely, I too am not sure how to go about finding a date, or being in a position to find someone who might want to date. Which I think may be part of your struggle. Thing like 'just let it happen', or 'the right one will come along' seem to imply that one day you be walking along and bump into that person, or they will spill coffee on you, or something else out of a romance movie. Where you both randomly meet and both just know you want to be with that person.

    But since life isn't how the movie portray it, I think you need to put yourself in a situation or places where meeting people is the intent. You could try online dating, or speed dating. Where everyone is there for the same reason; to find someone else. Or you could try going out more to a club or bar ( once your 21), or other local watering hole and see what you can find. You could also join a shared interest group/class, Such as where you go hiking once a month, maybe meet someone who has similar interests and go from there.

    In short there is a very little chance you will find what your looking for by just waiting for it to happen. Even if its a bit socially uncomfortable, try going out more, and search for that person.


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  • You're still young! While I do understand your sentiments (as per Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Love and Belongingness is at 3rd level) you dont need to rush on dating, you'll meet the girl in the most unexpected way and I suggest you enjoy hanging out with girls before committing to a serious relationship

  • Dont stress with it, you are just 20 :) When you find the right girl, you will act normal and don't think about how to behave on a date with her :)


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