What would you do if you liked a girl?

And found out she was racist


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  • I don't wanna sound like I'm defending her but i know some women who don't have anything against a particular race, but they just don't feel attracted to that race? like my Asian friend has plenty of white friends who are all gorgeous men but she prefers guys from her own country cause she just feels more attracted to them. i'm sorry she's judging you based on your race, that's shallow and it's probably because of the way her mindset was trained to be as a kid and affects her now as an adult. best of luck xx


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  • Tell her you like her, then see if you can bring up the racism bit? Or if I were you I would just delete her from memory. Fuck racists

    • Its hard if you had a strong crush on her

    • Not necessarily. If you like her THAT much then why not tell her about it? Me best and longest relationship would never have happened if I didn't get the balls to tell her (I literally had to conjure up the courage and told myself "You HAVE to talk to her. she's so pretty amd beautiful and like EXACTLY my type AND her peronality is Prfect." She was exactly what would I look for in girls. So I also told myself "Don't be a jackass and miss this chance!" So my words were simple. Something like "Heyy.. I just wanted to tell you I really like you a lot I hope you don't think that's weird." And I believed she was wayy out of my league. the answer I got was... "No that's not weird at all! You're so sweet! I really like you a lot too!" So just muster courage to tell her how you feel and you never know what might happen :D. One act of dropping the fear and shyness (cause that's what I do with any girl or guy I find attractive ever since then) So maybe just tell her you feel. Confidence >Shy!

  • Except that she was brought up or taught negative behavior and move on.

  • I would stop liking that girl because people who are racist tend to have an extremely low intelligence level and that's really unattractive to me.

    • I agree man cause this one girl I was talking to goes like your a cool guy but I just dont date black people

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    • I even said I'm mixed her response well u still look black

    • Lol yea that's racist. Well hopefully you will find a girl better worth your time