Is she playing hard to get or is she not interested anymore?

Me and this girl have known each other for a while and it's no secret that we like each other but she had a bf for a while. Recently we had an argument and she said she was "done with me" yet she still showed signs of interest like going out of her way to get my attention and staring at me. Despite all that, she ignores me me when i try to text (she lives far so I can't really see her much). She also broke up with her boyfriend and now I'm trying to talk to her again but nothing.
Is she playing hard to get or what could it be?


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  • Best action is to just ask her. Good luck :)


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  • Dude there's not a question. She said no. Just back off. Hard to get is when she teases a bit then runs away and gets you to play chase.
    You're not playing chase. She doesn't want you. She's ignoring you.