When a guy tells me "your gonna fall for me"?

Is that like a challenge? I told him i was nervous because im starting to like him and he teasingly said "uh ohhh your to fall for me. Im going to break your little heart" (because he's had bad luck with women in the past) i told him I dont know what he's talking about and im usually the one who ends up hurting people but im being careful thats why im nervous. He still ended up cuddling and making me feel comfortable around him and this morning gave me a big hug and a kiss before we left his house so he could go to work and I could get ready for work at home, told me hed text me which he always always without fail texts me good morning everyday.

What should I go about thinking with those words even if he definitely was being playful?


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  • They don't mean anything. He was just having fun with you.

    • Oh! Haha. Okay. I was thinking he was just kidding. He doesn't seem like he would be like that. I just didn't know if those were underlying words. Haha.


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  • He was being playful there isn't much of a deeper meaning behind it

  • Maybe he's falling for you. But if take it slow with him. If he texts you good morning every day...

  • he is just messing. I do that making out to girls I am popular with the ladies when I am not lol. ego thing!


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  • DONT!
    I read that in a book
    And he said:
    "One day you'll realize your taking me for granted and you'll fall hopelessly I love with me."
    She denied it at first but then ended up falling.
    He was still I love with is EX who moved away and broke his heart
    And then couldn't be with her
    Cause he loved someone else...
    Very tragic story

  • He's cocky

    • that's okay, I can be too. lol. i take it more as a challenge i guess.