Guy doesn't like the how I smoke marijuana?

I met this guy i reallyyyyy like and he feels the same way about me we just recently met each others parents and plan to get together soon but he's says he's holding back because i smoke weed. He is a good guy he doesn't want anything to do with drugs i dont mind that at all. His family is very traditional by the way. Im not an addict i could stop at anytime but its just something I've always been doing should i just stop smoking or break things off with him


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  • Personally, I don't smoke weed, nor would I date a girl who does. It's just something that I don't agree with, plus the smell makes me nauseous for some reason.

    That being said: I don't really care if anyone else wants to smoke it. It's just not something I would do, and I don't want to be around it. I'll hang out with pot smokers, as long as they're polite enough not to do it around me.

    In your situation, your response is really up to you. This guy doesn't like marijuana, and he was honest about the reason for his hesitation. If he's like me, and just doesn't want to be around it, maybe the two of you can work around that? Talk to him, and find out if he would be alright as long as you don't smoke around him.

    If that won't work, then you have to decide what you want to do. Either you'd like to quit smoking, or you don't. If you think he's worth giving it up for, then maybe you should consider it. Don't let him "force" you to quit, though; it has to be your decision.

    If you want to continue smoking, and he's not alright with that, it might be best to go your separate ways. It's really up to you to decide.

    • I have never smoked around him or ever would he just doesn't want me to be smoking whether im around him or not, i like him a lot but I don't know if i could just stop after all these years

    • That's completely understandable, and I'm sorry for the position that you're in. That must be tough.

      The only question left in this case is whether you want to quit, or not. If you do, there are programs and ways to help you quit, similar to cigarette addiction.

      If you don't want to quit, then, I'm sorry to say, it sounds like you'd both be better of finding someone else.

      Again, though, whichever choice you make, please make sure it's your decision.


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  • Honestly to me girls who smoke pot or drugs in general is a huge turn off for. Especially pot, shows me that that girl isn't mature enough for me. Not saying because pot is a terrible drug because it's not but its just a thing that is a turn off to some guys.

  • stop smoking. i like to smoke on occasion too but if i met a good girl who didn't want to be around it, i would think highly of her and would stop. always try and surround yourself with people that help you make good decisions. not ones that will bring you down and be a bad influence.

    • Your right i told him ill take baby steps lol 😏

  • MAn I hate self righteous douchebags who try and control minor habits in a relationship. He's very presumptuous and arrogant because he is trying to impose his values on you. I mean at least you don't drink. I bet his his "traiditional" mom swallows down a couple of xanax with a glass of wine, and then cries abouthow bad drugs are and how she doesn't want her precious baby exposed to them. Stay away from a family like that.

    • He tells me that he doesn't want me to change myself for him but it still bothers him & his family is actually really nice

    • So what he's saying is that he does want you to change for him. He obviously doesn't want to be uncomfortable.

  • Im not an addict i could stop at anytime. Every addict says that :D By the way if he really loves you, he should have accepted you this way.

  • Weed isn't a drug... its a lifestyle.


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  • If weed is more important for you than him, then break things off, you'll find someone else who's fine with that.

    If the guy is more important and you don't mind stopping, then don't smoke weed and get things moving with him.

    If you want both things, tell him you'll stop, hide your weed where you know he won't see it and smoke when he's not around.

    • Lmao im kinda doing both actually

  • Just stop. Many people stop smoking cigarettes because their partner dislikes it. There is no difference.