Should I move on to the next?

So I liked this guy and he seemed interested at first too. He got my number and everything and we met in class.

However he never texted me... I took initiative and texted him first a couple of times and he replied and everything but he never texts me first.

Also it's been like a month since winter break and he hasn't even texted me either.

Not interested right?

We sat with each other for the entire semester forgot to mention.


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  • Sadly that seems to be an accurate assessment. No matter how much he hates to text, a guy will always break down and do it once in a while for a girl he likes, or as a prelude to a call.

    • Yeah I figured... He just seemed so interested at first I don't know what I did wrong... He would walk me to my classes and everything and it went downhill.

    • Who knows :(. I'm sorry... now go get the next one instead!

  • I don't know about this but I always let's the guys text me first. Except if we are just friend I don't care. Because once girl text guys first. We have to do all the job. I don't like that. And most of the time guy don't really interested but keep as a second option. If I were you I will keep him as a second options and also open mind for other guys who willing to text me and please me instead. Good luck!

    • Yeah I'd think if a guy really liked me he would try to talk to me like we haven't seen each other in a month and he hasn't bothered to ask me anything...

    • Then just move on and forget about him. :)