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I've just started dating someone who I used to know in my college I left about 5 years ago so we haven't spoken since, until recently. Anyway ever since she has wanted to see me every single day? I feel like it's getting a bit much already, like we both like each other but it feels a little draining on my part how should I tell her this without hurting her feelings? She came out of a long relationship about 5 months ago and she still lives with her ex (they got a place together few years back) so 0f course I can understand that it may be awkward where she lives and I also know the guy which makes it all the more awkward. The guy has also told her sister that if she is seeing someone she will be kicked out, has no where to go. Just feel like i may be the cause of her getting kicked out if it came to it. What are your thoughts or advice? I'm giving this mire thought than usual because I'm sure we really have something good.


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  • If you're the next guy after her relationship it sounds like she's looking for a constant distraction and throwing herself into whatever she has with you (relationship?). Just be straight with her, tell her it's too much for her. Better to tell her sooner rather than later.


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  • You pretty much have to tell her how you feel. But, if I was in your shoes I wouldn't get into a romantic relationship with her until they stop living together and some time has passed.