Get denied or used by guys of all types should I just get used to the third wheel club?

All opinions are welcome. I wanted to try out dating but I either get hurt, used, denied or all of the above. I have come to realize that maybe I am supposed to be alone so is it fine to just enjoy being single and stay in the 3rd wheel club? Maybe it's my personality. I probably should change it somehow.


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  • Does not sound like you need to change. Stop being a 3rd wheel as a all the time thing. Learn to enjoy things alone to the point of learning how to be very good at something that you have a passion for. Hanging with people just to hang is a violation of nature, you were born to have purpose, take the time to find it. If you like to read magazines go to the plushes library and read or take your laptop. In time the guy looking for you and it will be easier to apporach.

    If you are tired of dead beats and being used, go where the good guys are. Go to a volenteer program where groups help people. Good luck,


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  • what is the third wheel club?

    • Pretty much when u are with your best friend but he brings his girl friend along kinda leaving you out

    • you need to meet guys as friends first as they make the best boyfriends. meeting guys in pubs and clubs is not good for sensitive people.

  • No matter who you are in this World when it comes to dating every single one of us will experience hurt. Being used does happen to people from time to time, but if it continually happens then those people are not looking out for tell tale signs and aren't heeding the lessons from their past. If you do not learn from your past mistakes you are doomed to repeat them. Rejection like hurt is a part of the parcel, but those two things should not be feared but embraced for they make us stronger as people and he/she who dares wins.

    You're clearly feeling blue and that's perfectly normal, fine and understandable. Take some time mending yourself, enjoy life, occupy yourself with hobbies, friends and family, recuperate and when you're ready throw yourself back into the lion's pit.


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  • We are in the same case here but I enjoy being alone, life won't end if we stay singles, life doesn't depend on guys.. don't think to much if people can't handle and accept who u are so they don't deserve u don't ever change for anyone..

    • I wish everyone thought the same way you did.

    • I know how you feel but enjoy your life, if people like u as you are they are welcome if not just close the door and say thanks