Is finding a man that just wants to converse without expecting sex. reaching for the stars?

I know we live in a overly sexual world. But I am not into having flings, and messing around with random men. I just want a man that I can talk to basically a friend to listen. Does this type of man exist that will talk with a female without trying to get her to have sex, or making things sexual?
Advise is needed


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  • Well...

    Single men are going to be spending their time and effort either trying to be not single or trying to get laid.

    Taken men more often than not aren't going to be allowed to make too many new female friends, regardless of your intentions.

    While not impossible, it's generally viewed as difficult to make new friends in general after your early 20s. Probably even more so when it's the opposite gender.

    So, while it can happen, the deck is sort of stacked against you.


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  • Me personally, women are not attracted to me so I assume there won't be sex when I meet a new female. So I am always chatting at bars and places without that expectation.

  • i think reaching for the stars is easier... go for that, you'll have better chances.

  • Those Boys are the ones who end up alone, sad and depressed. Just because you girls keep Them off as a friend, when they truly love you. So i suggest you go to a gayclub, and find one there.

  • Those guys exist :)

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, why won't someone give me what I want without ever wanting something in return, waaaaaaaaa

    The answer to your question is yes, you can absolutely find a man like that. But if he's busy (which he should be) why would that be all he's looking for? Find a gay dude and stop complaining.


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