What is the longest crush?

What is the longest crush that you have had on someone you barely know and did you guys ever end up dating?
Why did you crush for so long?

I'm at one month; trying to figure out how to approach her at her job.


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  • On someone I barely know? One year. I have known this guy for about five or six days, and I have had an on-and-off, not-super-serious crush on him for a year, now. We are not dating, nor do I expect to end up dating him anytime soon. He's dated other girls and I pursued other guys.
    I crushed so long I think because he's pretty much my ideal boyfriend, and I also loved the way we met. We met in an acting class, and after that we just kept running into each other by pure coincidence. It was the most bizarre yet wonderful thing, because it was this weird chance happening, but it also happened to involve a really cute, nice guy. It made me wonder if maybe fate really does exist, y'know?

    On someone I know? One year. I crushed so long because I thought maybe he would change his mind about me even though he rejected me after about four months of crushing on him. This also happened around the same time as the crush described above. Similar to the above crush, we aren't dating nor do I expect to soon. He turned me down saying that I'm really sweet and all, he just doesn't think of me as a romantic interest. He was also (at least at that point) fixated on this other girl he knew that already had a boyfriend at that point, and he thought that she would, like, leave her boyfriend (who I'm pretty sure she's still dating) for the guy I was crushing on.

    Moral of the story? Crushes tend to start out by being really magical and wondrous, but they tend to end up being really stupid and frustrating.

    • My crush is similar to the first story you put. We always run in to each other out of pure coinicidence. my feelings just get worse

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    • I think my girl already has a bf. I just wish she wouldn't build my hopes up

    • Aw, that sucks. I've been there before, and it's never any fun. :(


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  • I can't have a crush for over 3 months I don't like relationships but... I do have a crush for this Swedish guy and every time he comes to L. A. he hits me up and I can't say no he's soooo handsome

    • I hope my crush doesn't move on in 3 months

  • I don't crush on people I don't know lol

  • I've had only two big crushes. The 1st one was a friend/classmate. More classmate than friend. He used to sit down next to me, in the same table. But we were both shy, we never talked, and he liked one of my best friends. I moved, and I haven't seen him again. I added him sometime later in Facebook, and we talked a lot. We shared some things, but that was the end. This crush lasted more than two years.

    My now crush is only three months. He was in some of my classes. I barely know him, in fact we never talked, just stared each other, and then the year is over, and he is gone. I hope to see him next year, but there is a big chance that we won't meet again.



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  • I liked this girl that always swung by a pet store downtown. I had no business there but I always went. A guy was looking after a cat for her. Needless to say she thought I was really warm and affectionate but her boyfriend was paying for the cats treatment LOL, so I just talked to her a lot. She was really chill, but my friends messed it up said I was in high school. She called me a month ago and we hung out and I still kinda like her its been 3 years

    • 3 years man, go for it! Sounds like a keeper.

    • Naw it's a baby crush haha, good luck with your girl!!

  • 4 moths and counting.

    Talked to her one on one only once and just have her first name. I'll get the number when I see her next.

    • Lucky you. I don't even have name but I see her a couple of times a week.

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    • Thats the next industry event. I don't even know what company she's employed at.

    • Good luck bro

  • A few months, then I heard her speak. That was the end of the crush,

    • haha that just happened to me. My crush that I barely know has the softest voice. The girl that I had been crushing on got her number and talk to sounds like Rosie O'donnell, sweet girl but it is off putting.