We date, hook up then he doesn't call for weeks?

So I've been going on dates now with this guy for about 6 months.. we get along great. He says he really enjoys having me around. However for the last 6 months we will go on dates and hookup and not talk to each other for like a week. This is like routine people. He ask me if i wanted more or just to keep hooking up of course i ssaid more. We were supposed to go out today no call or text from him to cancel.. he just doesn't show. He did it last week too.. when i textd him to confirm the night before told me he had a family emergency so we "had to wait".. the way he said it was kind of rude but i kept it moving.. He says he wants more but he doesn't act like it.. Should i leave this guy alone. I really really like him but its starting to be overwhelming.. HELP what should i say to this guy!!

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  • Be done with this fool and implore him go waste another's time.


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  • You've told him how he has been annoying you, to no avail. Tell him you like him, but he is not very reliable (maybe even dishonest!), that you have been disappointed with him, but wish to remain friends. Nevertheless, you can tell him you will now start seeing other friends. Hopefully, there are guys in your orbit wanting to go out with you, so start using your womanly wiles of smiling, eye contact, and body language to lure them to you. Life is too short and you are missing too much fun to fool around with this loser. Oh yeah, and don't trust him not to have another girlfriend somewhere.

  • bye is a good classic !!
    its just sex dont you get it?


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  • When it comes to guys, actions always speak louder than words. If he wanted more, he would be taking the initiative to go out with you more often. I'm so sorry to say this, I really am, but he may only be using you for hooking up.