I want to kiss her but she wants a full in relationship. What should I do in this situation?

There is this girl that I think is into me like a lot but I don't know what to do because I mean I want to kiss her but I don't want a relationship. The reason I now she's into me is that I played truth or truth with her and I asked her if she would Kiss me she said yes without hesitating. And she is that type of girl thats not about like one time thing or friends with benefits and that's what I want.


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  • Then u walk

    • What do u mean by just walk?

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    • But I don't know anyone else that has those intentions with me

    • Well consider it a bad timing. Her intentions and your s are not aligned. It would be unethical to cheap to deceive her.
      Be patient, you will get your turn eventually as will she.

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  • I wouldn't date anyone that plays "truth or truth" they obviously have no sense of adventure...

    • She's the one that wanted to play

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    • I don't know but it's through text so we can't really do the dare

    • I don't know you dont really know until its there a lot of girls dont seem to be this or that "type" of girl and turn out to be totally different from what you were expecting. There are plenty of prudish cheerleaders and even more freaky bandies...