Girls, what do you think of saudi men?

Do you think they are attractive, rich and handsome if you have meet one before, or do you have another view of them?
and if you have't meet a saudi men before, what do you think of them from what you heard from ppl?


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  • I only knew two and well one was quite wealthy, but a typical spoiled brat. He felt entitled to everything and for some reason thought he could have sex with any woman, it's just a matter of price

    The other one was more middle class and ok in general I suppose.
    And both were quite misogynistic. Their housemates said they never cleaned around the house, because that's a woman's job, they both thought women weren't as smart or generally as good as them. And I felt constantly judged for not wearing a headscarf. Both were bad in terms of obviously staring at women

    • Thank you for your answer.

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  • I've only interacted with a few in classes at school. Two were in a geography class with me and they didn't take the class seriously at all. One was very rude and self absorbed. The other I could tell was a nice guy but was under the wing of the rude guy so he acted like a jerk too.

    Another guy was in a criminal justice class with me. He was a bit older as he was married and had 4 children, but he was very nice. He was knowledgeable and brought a different viewpoint to class discussion.

    I've basically come to the conclusion that they're like men everywhere - some are assholes and jerks, some are badboy wannabes, and some have it all together and know what's up.

    I didn't make any observations of wealth or anything though. Just academic observations.

    • Thank you for your answer.

  • I knew saudi girls more but only 1 saudi guy. He was sweet but he was desperate to go out with a girl. He used to call me and tell me his dad works in the embassy and he is a diplomatic. I think this was his way to attract girls to him.
    I saw a lot of saudi men from far away in uni but many were only comfortable to make friends with guys and not girls so i didn't know much about them.

  • Sleazy and emotionally closed off.

    • Thank you for your answer.
      Have you an exprince with one of saudi man before that let you saying this? if yes :), tell me about it.

    • have you had

    • Working with them. They get upset easily.

  • they all are conservative.

    • Thank you for your answer.
      may you tell me more about this.

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