What do you do when you are rejected?

When someone rejects you what do you do?
What i do, is i dont talk to the person or contact them at all, as much as it hurts i just do my own thing and give them no attention.
It happened to me with this guy i dated for a month, and we stopped talking and i didn't care for 6 months ,. than he contacted me again and i met him and it was fun and all but than again he didn't contact me.. now i feel stupid for falling for it again.. i know he is busy and just moved to another country for work 3 months.. but IF he contacts me again what should i do?
We also did agree to just be friends after we dated. I dont like to be played with.


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  • I just ignore them till my feelings go away. If you feel that you can be friends and he contacts you, then respond. He might miss you as a friend

    • Because after we met in September when he contacted me, he said just let me know if you want to hang out, dont hesitate contacting me, you can come over for coffe or something. So i was like okay cool and i went on vacation for 2 weeks, that he knew about. I came home and contacted him and asked if he wanted to go biking with me but he wasn't able to because he worked that day. It took him a day to reply on my text and he said he would let me know when he had time and it was nice weather. I havnt heard from him since.. this was in September. Now he is in libanon and not coming until march.. so im like wtf how rude

    • I mean he did say he wasn't looking for a serious relationship because he didn't have the time for it. So i just should stop "feeling" and just realize we are friends.
      He likes stuff i post on fcb.. thats the only type of "sign" i get.

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  • I'm sure there are one that accept me, if i have been rejected from a girl, so i careless, and live my life like it never happened.


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