Guys, I need your opinion on this?

So I bought my man this really nice giftset with a shower gel, hand cream and aftershave for Christmas. It smells really amazing and I also baked some Christmas cookies for him. On the giftset box, I put this little note that says: Now you will smell the best :)
I recently told him already that he smells so good, and now he will smell the best.
Do you think he will like it? Find it cute? Me and my best friend think it's really sweet and personal in a way.
Honest opinion please? Thank you :)


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  • you don't have to write an opinion in ur gift. it would be nice if u tell that compliment when he puts the things on.. Merry Christmas to my... call him a funny name between you and him or wish him a good wish. but even you dont want to do that it depends on how you both deal together if normally that how u do and this is NOTE is you who wrote not an opinion then go for it.

    • I will also tell him personally once he starts using it :)
      Personally I think little notes like these are really sweet and somehow it just makes it this tiny bit more personal :)

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    • Oh okay I know what you mean now. I was going to write Merry Christmas baby on the Christmas card or on the wrapping... :)
      Thanks for the suggestions too :)

    • You are welcome :) . would be nice if you mark my answer as helpful if it was. thanks


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  • That note would be telling me you think I stink. So if he is the kind of guy that likes that kind of stuff (for me I would never use it) that is fine. but I hope you didn't leave that note on it. If so, don't be surprised if you end up hurting him or really pissing him off...

  • if you want honest opinions...

    i don't know about him but personally i'd dislike it. :-P
    i'd write you on the backside of the note..."french fries with ketchup taste better than your cookies... and did you forget that i don't like receiving presents?"

    XD XD XD

    • Haha lol well I guess you don't like Christmas cookies and presents. I was just asking if this is a cute idea because i don't want him to I don't know take it a wrong way or something. And everyone said yes he will love it, except you haha so I guess its cute :)
      He loves candy and presents

  • Yeah it's cute, personal and thoughtful :)

  • He should love it, I know I would.

  • Yes, this is adorable. He will love it!

  • You should add on the note that you'd like to try out the shower gel on him now! ;-)

    • Haha that is like perfect!! He would love it :D
      In case I take your idea, i hope he won't open it when his family is around haha

    • Glad you like it! You should totally do it! And it'd be even funnier if his family was around. He could be reading the safe part and then stop and blush when he gets to the good stuff! XD Maybe put in a little drawing too! XD

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