Does school curriculum need to teach kids the hell of Asperger's?

It is WORSE than CANCER! And having Autism/Asperger's equals being a second class citizen.

A few months ago in Ohio, an Autistic teen was asked to play the Ice bucket challenge, only to find feces and urine was dropped on him from the garage roof.

This could pave the road to another Jim Crow style persecution. And girls should be willing to date an Aspie because he unleashes another Elliot Rodger


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  • this is why i hate reality


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  • You kind of freak me out. Like you're someone who will murder someone else for not doing what you want them to do.

  • Should we teach kids the hell of any autistic disorder, COPD, cancer, polio, spinal bifida, Huntington's disease, epilepsy, dwarfism, etc etc etc? In my opinion no because there's so many diseases and disorders out there that there's just too many.

    Quit crying about how hard your life is. We ALL have struggles

    • The words "Quit", "Stop", and "Grow up" have no effect on me. Asperger's is worse than all of these diseases/conditions put together.

    • but some more than others

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