If you like a person do you find yourself constantly looking for signs they may like you back?

So I really really like a girl, so much that it pains me to think I could never be with her. I'm in a position where I simply can't ask her out, and she can't ask me out (if she wanted to) but iam deeply attracted to her, and baceause of this everytime we interact I'm looking for signs that she may like me also. Now this is where I get stuck because I simply cannot work her out and don't know because I like her whether I'm trying to see things which aren't there. How can I tell she may be into me evens though she may be trying to hide it because of professional reasons. When I look at myself I guess I can be very guarded and I'm sure it's difficult for a girl to read me. Iam kimda shy and I'm kinda not, it depends who I'm with and what setting, and she is exactly the same.


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  • The only way to tell she likes you is to see how much she does for you, how much she remembers you and just how much she cares about you.
    Im in the same position as your girl. I like this guy, and he likes me too but it can't ever happen. I told him it's best to move on and I can tell he still likes me even though he's guarded around me. Because he's always willing to help me and be there for me. I am this way too.
    And yes, i do look for signs that he still likes me. Even when I know it doesn't matter.


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  • Just ask her no point sitting wondering and never getting just go for it your only here once and you never know you may end up very happy together

    • I simply can't for career reasons. She is a superior to me so she could ask me but I know she never will because she is shy.

  • Similar situation here. This guy frequently calls out my name to get my attention, we stare at each other & smile often, locking eyes. Dont talk much, just small talk. This has been going on for some time now, the hardest part is that I started to develop strong feelings for him, think about him all the time, and find my self a little depressed when I take vacation cuz that's just time that I won't see him, find myself extremely excited when returning to work when I know he's gonna be there. Even sending him a message on Facebook is a little awkward cuz I dont know exactly what to say & whatever I do say, I usually say in a joking manner then question if I should've sent it. You should my post I put on here earlier under guys behavior.


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