Does this mean he really likes me please give an honest answer?

I finally messaged the guy I like on Facebook and we've been talking sometimes he'll message me back to back or he'd wait 2 hours but tell me he was driving and sorry he didn't text back. But also he said I text him while he was driving and I said it one of may many talents and he said I have many and then I said one of his was making me laugh and all he said was I doubt that but then he said he's trying to find friends to hang out with that don't party and smoke and I told him we could hang out another day over break and he said cool that be cool, and he told me he'd let me know when he finds his work schedule, but he always uses lol after everything he says, but today he has messaged me at all and I haven't him so what do you guys think do you think he likes me? When were together inschool he acts like he likes me because he let's me wear his jacket, he says my jokes make his day, his friend was making a joke to me that he almost hurt his "stuff", he just look at me and smile. I just don't know what any of this means please help?


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  • It means you should make less jokes in school and listen more in English class ;)


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  • It is possible that he likes you but i dont think you have that much evidence to say that he does like you. Start hanging out with him more often (outside school) and then watch how he acts around you.. Good Luck