I want to tell a girl I am close with I like her how do I do it?

I'm close with this girl and I want to tell her I like her how would I start it off and I don't want to make her feel awkward around me once I tell her?


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  • I would tell her because you only have the window of opportunity once. But, just in case she doesn't feel the same I would tell her when you two are more alone or not the center of attention. from there you could say something like: "_______ I really like you, and I want to have the ability to get to know you better if you would let me." therefore leaving a question to her to answer and it won't leave a huge gap of silence behind your feelings.


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  • Girls love getting close with guys, but when they find out that their guy best friend has a crush on them, they may close off to you completely (rare cases), they may be awkward around you, they may just try to forget that you said that you liked them. Sometimes though, they may say that they like you too, which is the best scenario. I'd say just ask her who she likes first (or find out somehow), and then decide whether or not to tell her.

    • Yeah im not sure but thanks anyway

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  • You don't tell her because it'll start an awkward conversation. You just show her. Ask her out. She'll either go or not, and then you'll know how she feels. Make things as simple as you can.

    • I suppose so but I want to tell her at the same time because I want her I know

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    • ^whereas if you tell her then she might get inside her own head...

    • Yeah I agree but I want to tell her but at the same time I dont