Do all minority women (especially Asian and Latina women) hate dating men of their ethnic group and secretly prefer white men because of?

how the media instilled that "all white men are rich and high status men that will treat them like princesses"?


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  • I disagree with this post so bad. Yeah i agree some are into white guys because thats their thing but that can apply to all races not just two. Yet when it comes to latinas i know its the other way around. I haven't met any guy so far from another race that hasn't found them attractive and chased after one. Come on have you seen these women theyre gorgeous. No offense to white girls but i definitely find latinas way more exotic so I know for a fact there are no comparison between both. So if i was a white guy id pick a latina ever single time. No second thought. Plus i guarantee you not all "whites" are "High class" FACT!!! I've seen those trashy ones also.

    • Well, it's not to attack white men but to see what reaction I'd get here with the question. I've actually encountered some Latina women who said they preferred white men based off of their experience with men of their own ethnic group, painting all Latino men into the same picture (as if they're any morally better than us), which is what really pisses me off about Latina women who date outside of their ethnic group. In fact, I remember one time on some Facebook interracial dating page post, one Latina woman tried to convince other women not to date Latino men because of her own horrible experience. The funny thing was judging by her profile picture, she happens to be a fat ass ugly-looking bitch who does NOT fall under your typical voluptuous Latina girl.


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  • No. I do not hate dating men of my ethnic group. My first serious boyfriend was of the same ethnicity as me. I usually do date white guys, but it's not because I dislike dating black men. It's only because I live in a community where I am the minority and they are the majority so I don't have many other choices. :/


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  • The media does not say this. Stop making excuses.

    • "Stop making excuses".

      So you're implying that no minority men make good husbands/boyfriends?

    • How did you come up with that conclusion? It seems like you're just looking for sympathy. Women have minds of their own media doesn't determine what we are attracted to.