How do I stop being jealous of my ex boyfriend?

He screwed me over and my emotions and then he moved to the university that I want to go to in the city that I dream of living. On top of that hia Facebook is filled with all these girls he is hanging out and talking to and all the fun he's having while I'm stuck miserable at this university I'm in that I can't get out of and I can't meet any guys. I don't know what to do anymore... I've been trying to get over him for like 8 months and I can't he's so happy and I just have nothing going for me right now.


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  • I dont think you're jelous of him in the 1st place, you're jelous of the good time he's having.

    • Yeah it's both I'm just jealous of the fact that's he is living my dream and he's happy and I'm sad

    • 'Hope', that you'll have a better future.

      Maybe getting off Facebook wiil help.

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