One month of dating, then silence?

So men - I'm confused.

I was dating a guy - supposedly a good guy - for about a month. He would text me each day, wish me goodnight before he went to bed, and was generally incredibly attentive.

About two weeks ago he went silent - for absolutely no reason. We'd met up the evening before and he'd sent a message after to say what a good time he'd had, and that he couldn't wait to do it again. Then nothing!

I'm so confused. I sent a message about a week, asking outright if he'd like to meet up again. He said he would but he was just incredibly busy (stating it genuinely wasn't a lame excuse).

I just don't know what to do now. I haven't heard anything more from him. Is it needy to text? What would you want?


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  • It happens unfortunately. Something should have happened. I mean maybe he lost interest? He does not feel the same? etc etc etc There is nothing you can do actually because it is not about you. Just only thing you can do is wait. If he wants to gain your interest, he will contact you. It is hard but yeah wait. Find sth will keep you busy.


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  • Life happens. for example, i haven't contacted anyone for probably 4 weeks now, for my own reasons. but those who want to talk will text or contact. you should have contacted earlier.


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  • Usually between a month to 6 weeks is when they ghost. Nothing really you CAN do about it; if he decided you were incompatible or he just list interest, you can't fix it. On the other hand, with the holidays coming up, maybe ha is genuinely busy. I would not call or text him. Let him reach out to you either way. . but two weeks is a long time without his initiating contact so I would just move on. You can't change it but you can show him you are fine without him, too.