I barely know him, I like him, but?

He calls me a lot of pet names: Sweetie, hun, darling doll etc. I really like this guy and our 1st date was awesome. I don't want to get hurt though, him charming me at 1st then his character completely changes. Is he being sincere?

He hasn't changed :P


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  • Don't be so quick just yet to wear your heart on your sleeve for him, Theraven2013. You both are in the beginning beguine baby step stages of getting to know one another better, nursing and nurturing something Special, it seems to me, a possible potential partnership.
    With his 'A lot of pet names' which is a good sign that he is sweet on you, with taking it slow with Joe and going along with his flow here, dear, you have his attention, he is showing Affection and without you being needy or clingy I feel you are playing your cards right in this point in time.
    Nothing in life is a guarantee but death and taxes as the old saying goes. And if it meant for old Mother Nature to Keep planting More in store seeds in which she finds she will reap for a chance of romance, then you may find he is jumping through hoops for you because you dealt the right hand with this man.
    Yes, I feel if he wasn't 'Being sincere,' dear, he wouldn't bother sticking around and the Only name he would be calling you would Be-----Late for dinner and put you on his pay no mind list.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I mean, people are going to change as you get comfortable with each other, that's just what's going to happen. Either one of two things probably happened: The infatuation for him ended, or he got more comfortable with you and doesn't carefully pick and say things like he used to.

    How has he changed?

  • please tell me what is a good date? :D
    Dont date him anymore, cuz you liked him for who he was. But he has changed, so if you ask me he kinda lied to you.


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  • You could talk him: tell him that you want somebody who is sincere and actually cares and commits about/to you. If he isn't a lying or manipulative psychopath he will have a conscience and either tell you he wants to break up because he only wants a fling or he is that awesome guy who is a keeper.