Has any girl here ever approached a guy first before, asked a guy out and it turned out great, successful?

Because it seems a lot of people argue and say that if a guy is truly into you, really wants you, then he will make the first move, approach you first and ask you out first, but is this always the case? i doubt it is, so any success stories of the girl being the initiator and things turned out great?

thought i would get more responses to this question


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  • Those have a higher chance of getting success than when a guy approaches. Why? because guys approaching is the norm, but when a girl does, it show initiative, it shows she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to reach for it. It also shows she isn't into that annoying "hint hint" game. It takes the pressure off the guy so he relaxes and thereby everyone is relaxed and the relationships work out pretty well.


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  • i would imagine it can be successful either way


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  • It worked for me, because if I hadn't approached my boyfriend, he would never know that I even existed lol

    • how long have you 2 been together now?

    • We have been together for 5 months now.

    • awesome, very glad to hear that!