How do I ask a guy I like if he likes me back?

I'm a freshman and I'm homeschooled. I like this guy and my friend told me he likes me and talks about me a lot. I want to ask him if he likes me but I want to ask in person. How should I ask?


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  • Just ask. If he likes you he may like it. However, you don't need to ask directly. Start talking normally and later on, ask.

    • But like how should I ask

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    • There can be several reasons for a no. Well, generally men don't have those kind of codes (like saying one thing meaning another). At least I don't. I doesn't mean that his no is really a no. Sometimes it's no because he won't have enough courage or confidence, but this generally happens with shy guys, I don't know if he's shy or not.

      I just know that if I liked a girl and she came to me saying that she liked me and asked if I liked her back, I'd be very happy and say a big and loud yes! I don't see why to lie.

    • Yeah he kinda shy but also we rnt suppose to "date" so it would be awkward

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  • I straight up ask.. I usually can't tell if a guy does. Unless he straight up says "hey I like you" I think he's being friendly

    • So my friend said that if he says no but smiles or looks away its actually is yes

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    • Yeah for a shy guy maybe? I don't know I'm not an expert

    • Kk thanks