Don't forget where you came from?

I hang around my bf and his fam a lot. We have been together 3 years and my mom constantly tells me not to forget where I came from what does that mean?


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  • She thinks you're not spending time with your own family enough.

    • Its just odd because we are both adults starting our own lives. I mean we live together for Pete's sake lol. Its almost like she doesn't want me to grow up in a sense

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    • God damn you're snippy! Get off it and be grateful for what you have instead of crying. That was an opinion not me coming at you, if it offends you go take a shower and some b! tch b gone ointment for that.

    • Yeah you're not being rude at all or immature telling me to take some bitch ointment. Again you are putting words in my mouth when did I say I wasn't grateful for what I have? I am extremely grateful which is why I split up my time with all my loved ones equally so they know I appreciate them. And again you didn't read my response where I stated that it was wrong of you to assume that I was in the wrong here and not my mom. Some parents just refuse to believe that their kids are growing up.

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  • Agree with ginger. My mom told me the same thing one time. She sees you spend all your time with your bf and not with your family that raised you. Need to have an equal amount of affection between your bf and family.

  • Don't abandon your roots, the things and people that made you who you are.

  • She obviously means not to forget the physical address of the hospital where you were born.

    • WTf I wasn't asking for sarcastic answers.

    • I provided an answer. You asked a question and I gave you a perfectly reasonable answer.

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  • some rich family telling this to there kids who are dating none rich people or the opposite.. it's mean don't forget the different between you both and same times it's mean don't forget us..

  • She wants u to not forget her.

    Usually this is what rich people say after they stop being poor.
    For example: ur really poor, then u make business, then u become a millionaire.
    Then u tell ur family and the people who got Rich with you
    Not to forget where they came from