what should i text her? help!!! im not good in text ?

she was really nice and her service was great but regardless i enjoyed talking to her and it was LETTERLY SLOW that day so i tipped her almost %400 for my tab lol i just wanted to try to make her smile since it might be a bad day (slow day)... after i left 30 min she sent me this "I REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE THAT! :) " AND I SENT BACK " HOPE YOUR HAVING A GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK AT WORK" ... that was it...

i need HELP with a good TEXT to send her to ask her out for a normal date not dancing not cubing... she is 19 so understand and no drinking as well lol.. so any suggestion NOTE **last time we text was 4 days ago *

another NOTE "*I'm not from the USA so i have an accent, and i worry a lot about what i text "
i text her Wednesday night but she did not text back.


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  • How about 'hey I was just thinking about you. I'd love to see you again. How about we get together one day?' Simple sweet and to the point.

    • i like that but " i was just thinking about you " not needy ? im not from the USA thats why i worry about my English and what i write lol

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    • im not worried but i feel that i kinda took long time to text.. it was 1 week... so.

    • Hmm maybe personally 2 weeks would be my limit but she might be a busy person who doesn't wait around but it is the craziest month of the year so just forget about her for now unless she pops up again. Move forward enjoy the coming new year :)


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  • Just text her hello and say that you would like to see her again :)

    • i've texted her last Wednesday which is the 24th and she didn't reply... is it possible that i can ask her out on new year's even , if so, how?

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    • how to contact her again and she did reply for the 1st text?

    • didnt*

  • Just start off with a "hey" then a "what you up to" and "has your day been good" just showing that you care about her. Girls like that. See where the conversation goes from there.

    • i didn't send her a single text since we exchanged and talk about 1 week from now tomorrow Wednesday will be same day we met... im hesitating since.. i didn't send her anything she would be thinking if he care why he didn't send me anything before?

    • Then just tell her you got busy. She might wonder but she's going to be reasonable. A reasonable girl will not expect 100% of your attention all the time. She'll know you have a life elsewhere as well.

    • i've texted her last Wednesday which is the 24th and she didn't reply... is it possible that i can ask her out on new year's even , if so, how?

  • "Hey, I had fun with you the other night and I would love to see you again"

    • is it fine to ask in the same text what would be a good day for you to meet or hang out?

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    • Sounds like a very good text!

    • "hey I was just thinking about you. I'd love to see you again. How about we get together one day? "
      "Hey, I had fun with you the other night and I would love to see you again"

      what about that one?
      "Hey, it was fun talking to you the other night and i would love to see you again, how about we get together one day? "

  • I *think* what no_bs said below is probably the best advice on this question so far. I'm not guy, so I'm not exactly sure about the best way to ask someone out. I mean, I've asked a guy out before, but got turned down, lol. My advice would be completely prepared for her to say no. It's hard, but it's always a possibility.

    • Hahaa, I am a guy and I asked my crush out today. Luckly for me she said yes, but I felt she did to not break my heart. But it still made me very happy. ^_^

      Anyways, if there is an advice I could give is that don't think too much about what you are going to say. I can personally say that I screwed up a little. The thing I had prepared to not say or not to mention came all out. When you are in front of your crush and are going to ask her out, you are so nervous and shy that you feel you are going to loose your breath any min. I can promise you it's not easy and it will be awkward, VERY VERY scary, but I think it's best to at least try. True it doesn't always go your way, but it never hurt to try.

    • i dont really mind asking her face to face.. i can do that but still.. i only met her at work.. and i had her phone number i texted her she didn't reply back.. i dont like to push further and be over whelming... an advice for you date. when you go out dont show her much attention bcz she might think your needy.. show self confidence

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  • Come up with an interesting experience that fits your style - say, indoor rockwall climbing, or something else that's unusual in a cool, active kind of way - and give her two options (date & time) when she can participate.

    You want to structure the invitation as if you were already going to do the activity, and you wanted to include her because you suspect she's a fun person who's worth getting to know.

    Make sure that your initial dates are on neutral days of the week - Monday-Thursday. As a non-needy, well-connected person, consider your weekends pre-booked with your existing friends and family, so no Friday or Saturday nights out until you're dating regularly.

    KISS - Keep It Simple, Stud. Try to make the actual text as short as possible while conveying all the information I provided above. You can give her the gist of the date idea and the two time options, but make sure it's an enticing offer she can't refuse, make it slightly mysterious, and be outcome-independent. Emulate a "You can come along" attitude.

    If she can't make either time and doesn't come up with a counteroffer, you'll have to ignore her until she does come back to you with a date offer herself.

    Make sense?

    • make sense but since im not from the USA i have hard time finding good event... but there is the usual stuff, Hookah lounges, Movies, Bars, Pubs, Clubs... etc

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    • Yeah it's "possible" but it sends off a really desperate signal. Most people have plans on New Year's Eve. I would advise against asking her on a first date on such an occasion because a) you'd look like a friendless loser and b) first dates can be disastrous, so your average, well-adjusted female will not risk spending the whole NYE night on a failed date.

    • If she's not responding, then you have to cut your losses and move on. Like MHO owner says, give it two weeks after the missed text before you initiate contact again, and make that contact your last unless she responds.

      Or just call her up and wish her a happy New Year, and then tell her you're in a rush and have to get off the phone. Then don't text and wait for her to reach out to you. Make sure you have an idea of what you'll be doing for NYE in case she asks, but do not invite her nor expect to be invited to hers. This is simply a tactic to keep your lead from going cold, NOT to set up anything specific.

  • slow day you topped for 400% to make her smile?

    Is she a stripper?

    • not letterly 400% but around 150% 200%.. she is not a stripper.. but it was really slow when i was there and i wanted to cheer her up since the only thing i can do to make her smile..

    • I think a nice compliment would've got you the smile you wanted to see. If you know her already the big tip is kind of awkward, but of course appreciated.

    • No no lol I don't know her it was first time to talk to her and see her in my life. i worked as a server and it depends on how i was talking to her... we had a normal fun conversation about what she likes and what i like... etc

  • Don't worry, text her again.. don't underestimate himself... if you are sincere you will get positive result... it may be take some time