Is this a bad Christmas present for my boyfriend?

I bought a nice shadow box to put cool and cute things in of us as a couple. He just got a new house and a new bedroom. So I thought it be cute for him to put in his room. However, what if he doesn't want to put it in his room and hates it. Guys would you want a shadow box of places you have been dates you have been on with your girl. Please tell me I will take it back before I work hard on this.


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  • Well it depends on a couple of things really, if you had only being going out a week then it wouldn't make sense. If it is serious its a good idea, make it personal and he should love you for it. Just dont make the mistake of now expecting something massive in return and complaining about it. It is good sometimes to mix things up.

    Also if you add in an extra surprise and try to please him he may think of it as being part of his gift, or at least pleasure him into thinking its a good gift. Just please him in several ways, when he isn't expecting it and all. I'm sure if you did something you dont normally do he will love you and even your well thought out gift even more. And maybe he can deliver a special gift while your at it

    Hope this helps


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  • It is something very personal. I would really like something like that as a present. It would be surprising in a positive way. How could something like that be hateable?

    • like is it too mushy?

    • There is nothing wrong with a mushy present. This is certainly not too mushy.

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  • It sounds cute if you've been together quite a while if its less than 6 months though i would probably go for something else but i'm not a guy so who knows lol