How to improve my looks as a 16-year-old girl?

I'm quite happy with my appearance but I'd like to give my look a little more.. oomph. I'd like to know your take on whats 'attractive' for a teenage girl to do/wear (I'd prefer opinions from other teenagers haha). I know that looks shouldn't matter, but if I'm being brutally honest, I'd like to be noticed more from guys. Just to draw them in, and then let my personality take it from there haha (: I'm pale, 5"6, Loong dark brown hair, hazel-green eyes, small figure, little bit of freckles on my nose, straight smile, clear skin and small-curvyish hips.
GUYS: what have you noticed girls doing that you like? Any tips? (:
GIRLS: What do you do to make yourselves so beautiful? :)


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  • Mascara and eyeliner is soo important if you wanna look a lot better real quick :)
    Besides make up and stuff, just carry yourself with confidence, and people will automatically find you so much more attractive - like seriously :)


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  • I have done a few of these type of questions before this one, so just wear something that keeps your body shape, but it also shouldn't be super tight either. So no freaking Yoga pants outside of working out, but also don't wear sweat pants and a super thick sweater. The only easiest recommendation is, because you are pale skinned I recommend darker colours. It's a very nice contrast. Which is also pretty basic though.

  • well i notice hair , skin tone , eyes.. but how can i say about u i dnt see you though :p


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  • Why dont you try a bit of lipgloss or some eyeliner to make your eyes stand out