Why do things change once you start dating?

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 2 months and before we started dating we texted all day, talked on the phone or on line. The last couple weeks it seems like is is more distant.. There times where I don't hear from him at all.. Is this a way that he's trying to tell me that its over?


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  • You never know the reason until you ask. The first two months are the "honeymoon" period, so after that, people start behaving how they would usually behave. So ask him what is going on instead of trying to guess.

  • Not a good sign at all. You may have to spice things up because he may have gotten bored or met someone else but yeah it is always great at first but eventually things can start to get boring so that's when one or other needs to do something exciting and unexpected to get things back on track. If none of this works, then he is just not that into you anymore but don't jump to conclusions yet. Talk to him about how you are feeling and work it out of you really like him.