What exactly counts as dating?

So I started hanging out with this girl I met at work and I'm curious... is it considered just hanging out at this point? Or can it be legitimately considered dating/seeing someone? We've hung out (outside of work) once and are making plans to do it again in the near future. We both seem to enjoy each other's company and while I am hesitant to tell anyone who asks that I'm "seeing someone" it would be nice to know whether I can/should refer to this as the beginning of something or if I should just watch and wait a little longer.


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  • Dating is established, but not committed. Both of you openly knowingly agree to go out as a couple for the purposes of testing your romantic compatibility. When you are still in the "dating" phase, you don't yet have a commitment, or a relationship defined by a label. You can still see other people while you are dating, and it's socially acceptable, and neither of you can get upset if the other is doing so.

    To answer your question, no, you're not "dating" because she has not admitted any feelings, nor expressed any desire to seek a relationship with you. You can legitimately say that you are pursuing someone, because you are seeking romantic relations with this girl. You need to talk to her, and tell her how you feel so that you can find out if she's interested.

    • Right, so you're saying I should ask her if she is willing to/looking to commit to a relationship? Should I wait to do that and hang out with her a little more? And should I be direct or subtle in how I ask?

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    • *takes a deep breath* ok... is any time appropriate? Or should I try and ask her under more private circumstances than at work or with friends around? (I think I already know the answer to that question but I'm looking for confirmation :$)

    • Yeah ask her in private.


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  • I personally wouldn't call it dating at this point. Cos I "hang out" with people often on a regular basis but that's all it is.

    If you both go on romantic Dates or there's a romantic connection you both have an have acknowledged then yes its seeing someone but you haven't labelled it as dating or seeing someone exclusively yet.
    Hope that helps a bit :)


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  • "Dates" are arbitrary terms used for nonsensical gatherings formulated around forming already present relationships. In essence nothing and everything actually counts as dating; it's totally made up.

  • Did you ever use the words "I want to date you" or something similar?

    • no, I have not asked her out on a "date". So far it has only been phrased as "hanging out". I am planning to after asking her that if she is interested in me as something more than a friend, and if she says yes.