He hasn't told his friends about me should I be concerned?

I have been seeing a friend for a little while. All of my friends know we have a relationship and he knows that. I asked him what his friends know about me and he told me he hasn't told them because it's none of their business. He has always been a private person, but he doesn't even tell his roommate where he is when he stays over. Plus he gets weird if I mention that I may come by his work. Should I be concerned?


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  • How long is a "little while"?


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  • Speak to him about it. To me it doesn't sound right. But then again, as you mentioned, he is a 'private' person so that may or may not be the reason why he is behaving that way.

    I would still speak to him about it. But this all also depends on how long you guys have been together. If you haven't been with him very long that could be the answer to your question.



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  • I get where your'e coming from. And I think that you should be concerned, if he blows you off when you ask him why he hasn't told them then that's defiantly a red flag. He should WANT to show you off to all his friends. That's what guys do, so if he's not doing that you need to seriously consider the reasons as to why he refuses to do so. .. But hope all goes good for you and he comes to his senses..