Ladies and Gents: why is there such a struggle to be in the friendzone?

- what, in your mind causes someone to be in the friendzone
- can someone "escape" from the dreaded friendzone
- can guys and girls be just friends and nothing more
- have you ever put anyone in the friendzone / ever been in the friendzone
- is there even a such thing as the "friendzone"


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  • its happens when some one likes another but not in a romantic way... while the other has romantic feeling for him or her... you can't escape from it cause your not trapped in anything, that's a wrong mind set... if there is no connection or chemistry between you two then there is nothing that can change that... usually.
    its not in their nature to be just friends... but it is possible.
    yea I've friend zoned people and I've been friend zoned many times...
    what they call a friend zone is basically rejection... when you meet a person who is a good person but not a potential romantic partner for some reason, you friend zone them... basically youd like them to be around but your not sexually attracted to them... make sense?


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  • - incompatibility
    - yes. I hope so.
    - yes.
    - both.
    - seems like it.


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  • In my mind a cause that someone would be in the friendzone is when you don't want to date someone who looks like a potato.. that's a cause.

    They can escape the dreadful friendzone if their lucky, after time and full commitment.

    Guys and girls can be more than just friends, if they feel the same attraction to each other.. and they actually do something about it.

    I can't date yet.. so I have put guys in the friendzone, which is not necessarily my fault, you know? Not being able to date has some type of good thing to it.. I mean I don't have to be friendzoned, yet.

    I think friendzone does exist.. like an imaginary cage where the piece of soul that died in a person goes when someone hurt them by saying something along the lines of "we can still be friends ".