Will a guy say yes to hanging out with you just to be nice?

I got over shyness to ask my crush on a date to a live (did it over text). He didn't answer for some days and I basically took that as a no and a sign I need to move on. We see each other in class and he says he forgot to text me back, but his answer was yes.

We picked a day to go and we didn't talk or anything until the day of I got a text from him saying he was sorry he couldn't go because he didn't have money. After that he said we should hang out another time, but we didn't set an actual time.

I believe that he didn't have the money, but I don't get why he waited so long to say it. I can't help, but wonder if he just didn't want to say no to me and was being nice. If he didn't want to go he could have just left it at the unanswered text and not have brought it up and said yes, though right?


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  • i think you are right... sorry it didn't work out this time, but well done on asking him out! Next time!

  • He would hang out with any pretty girl, but don't let that discourage you! Get him into you, don't be the stereotypical boring girl. Try to interest him.

    • I know he at least likes me as friend (personality wise) because we get along really well in person. He's had me over his place before and cuddled so assume I'm somewhat physically attractive to him, but other than that there's nothing going on. I'm so easily discouraged with this guy because I can't read him at all.

    • First of all, if you cuddled, invite him over and cuddle again, but this time, try to connect. Find things in common, (I. E. TV shows, current events, etc.)

    • We connected pretty good last time and we have a shit ton in common which is why I haven't given up on this guy, last time I was at his place for about 8 hrs just talking about the stuff we have in common. I probably would've invited him to my place if I didn't live in a dorm.

  • I'm going to play devil's advocate because everyone else is saying yes. Maybe he's just embarrassed he has no money?

  • When I had this crush on a girl she was quite similar to this, still can't figure her out.


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