Girls is it my personality or appearance?

im a 24 year old Asian male and i have trouble finding a gf. i dont know if its the personality or the appearance

all i want is ur honest opinion. what is ur first impression of me? no need to sugar coat i have thick skin. serious answers only please and ty in advance

http://tinypic dot com view. php? pic=15zi07k&s=8

there is no space between view and com
http://tinypicdotcom/view. php? pic=15zi07k&s=8


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  • It's a mix of both. Girls will be attracted to you by your appearance but some obviously will be repelled by your physical features but your personality does play a role in it too. So it's not as simple of a "Is it my personality or my looks" kind of thing.


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  • Can't really judge since all Asians look the same to me, your face looks a bit chubby but that's about it. I'm not into Asians so I can't say for sure if it's your looks. It could be your personality though.


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