I Can't Stop Thinking Of Her?

Well, about 6 months ago, the person I believe I fell in love with, stopped talking to me. I dont know why, but ever since then, there has not been a day thats passed where I have not thought of at the very least, our conversations. Anyone have ideas on why or how to stop it?


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  • Tell her you fell for her if you didn't already. it helps a lot.
    I did that with the person i liked for a year even before he got a girlfriend. Sure you will cry a little but you will get over her and move on to someone better.


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  • Well, falling in love can be the most beautiful thing yet the must cruel and brutal experience

    U have to let time help u overcome it, majority of it is because ure dwelling in the past.. And it's making it worst

    Best thing to do is ur friends.. Not to talk about it or share the suffering with
    But to help forget it, move on !

    Go on road trips, go to bars and clubs.. See the world for what it is and its fu of fun opportunities (not stating that as meeting girls and rebounds)

    The longer u try to overcome this by ur self the longer ure just going to suffer

  • by finding a new girl... i know you may not feel interested in anyone else now... but doing so would make it easier to forget.

    • It seems like a good idea, but any time i try, i back out at the last second because im scared of being rejected again. I don't want to end up becoming an emotionless man because of what happened in the past

    • look that just what all of us have to go thro at some point... so you just have to do it... after you get rejected a few times you will understand that it wasn't that bad... its a numbers game... just go for it and gain some experience... there are worse things out there than rejection... trust me. plus girls are nicer than guys... they dont like breaking someones heart cause their more emotional... they will just let you down easy... nothing personal...

  • Itll just take time! I was in the same position as you just a few months ago. Just focus on school! School is bae! And become a better person in general too. Worst thing you can do is trying to find someone new before you're ready