His wife found out about our affair. how will she react to the revalations?

Will their relationship change/end? Will she go psycho on me? Will I ever see him again? Will my affair partner hate me now?


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  • Who knows, we don't know anything about her.

    Bit... unthoughtful (probably the most politically correct word I could use here) of you to carry on knowing he's married without regard to other parties involved.

    I would stop being concerned about what she'll do, and more about your integrity/reputation if that means much.

    • never thought of it that way. Just felt so wrapped up in the guy. Think my moral compass is a bit wonky at the mo


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  • Hopefully she'll go psycho on you both.

  • I hope for her sake that she divorces this chump and tears him to pieces in a court room. I hope she leaves him nothing but takes from him everything and lives him an empty and lifeless soul.


What Girls Said 2

  • You ever try dating single men? Why do you want to be his side ho? Do you like the fact that after he has sex with her he's having sex with you?

  • Sounds like you really got wrapped up with this guy. Well now that she knows, you need to keep your distance. I know it's easy to fall for the wrong person sometimes but shit like this happens more than you think. If they end up splitting up make sure you guys do things right this time around. If he stays with her that means he just used you and if he leaves her then do you really want to be with a guy who is capable of cheating?